Our Nation Needs Open Hearts

One month to go until this election is over.  McCain has gone 100% negative in his ads.  The Republicans have no new plans for America so they attack Obama and try to eliminate eligible voters.  There are a number of reports of attempts to reduce voters, a tactic used by the Republican Party in the last two presidential elections.  Check out the BradBlog.com  article about a CBS reports on voting problems where you can also make sure your voter registration is in order.  

Another tactic was a notice found circulating in Philadelphia, which stated those with outstanding warrants or fines would be arrested at the polling places if they came to vote.  This strategy was used in the last election to scare people away from voting.  A third odd attempt was again in Pennsylvania where Republicans are trying to enforce a dress code at the polls.  Someone in a primary was refused the right to vote with an Obama t-shirt on.  These sorry attempts show the insanity of humans who want power at any cost.   Is this kind of behavior, in any way, ok with you?

The hunger for power is very corrupting and too easily rationalized in the human mind.  Our minds and egos have been the cause of most human suffering including wars and other human caused disasters.  None of these would have happened if those involved hadn’t lost touch with their hearts.  

This world is in dire need of people who have hearts.  Hearts that are open and able to feel love and compassion.  Without our hearts engaged the world will continue to be run by the lust for power and greed that runs Washington DC and most of corporate American today.

My request is to open your heart as fully as you can and keep it that way.  Your open heart is needed by your family, your community, your nation, and your planet.  Here are 9 ideas to open or keep open your heart:  

1.    Love and accept yourself today and each day
2.    Forgive yourself and others today and every day
3.    Let go of the past and move on to the present
4.    Stop holding in emotions, instead express them in healthy ways through communications
5.    Tear down the wall of resentments you have, unexpressed emotions become resentments
6.    Love your family and friends even if they are not they way you want them to be
7.    Stop trying to control everything
8.    Take time each day to make contact with your heart, get to know its capacity for compassion and true understanding
9.    Always respect your hearts desire to love

Let's let our hearts show the way and then true leadership with the capacity for genuine love and compassion will show up as a reflection of the consciousness of the people.