The Trashing Of America By Unchecked Egos

How is your weekend going so far?  Are you concerned about what is going on in this country? What happened to the higher values we all learned?  These values seem to have been lost by those in this campaign, those in corporations, those in the media and those in our government who are spreading hate, acting from greed, being dishonest, not paying attention, and pursuing power recklessly.  This is all about unchecked egos.    

•    This inciting of crowds towards hate of Obama by McCain and Palin is as low as I have ever seen in politics and is pure desperation.  This is sad and the work of their egos and a rabid hunger for power winning out over wisdom and true heart.

•    The CEO’s who lie to their employees and the media and take huge payouts before they declare the bankruptcy of their companies are more examples of the ego driven by greed and a complete disconnect from the heart and human decency.

•    The Media people like O’Reilly, Hannerty, Limbaugh who make things up and rant away out of some arrogant need to be noticed or have people think they know what they are talking about, are other examples of heartlessness and ego driven personalities that hurt this country.  

•    Then there is this administration and the Congress that just sat there and let our nation be destroyed by a war, a huge budget mess and no regulation.  These people were suppose to lead our nation not trash it.  Where are their higher values?  How come they all sold out to the influence of power and money?

These are points I am making because, we all know better than to act in hate, in greed, and out of wanting more power.  How come these ego driven, hateful, and greedy people missed out on learning the basic essential values of all human beings?  How could they be so disconnected from the compassion and consciousness that is their higher nature.

We need heartfelt and thoughtful people speaking up
.  Today I have Donna Brazile with an important message about America having come too far to make our choice in this Presidential election based on racism.

We all have higher values and let’s make sure this nation adopts them as a new administration is sworn into office.  The election is just the beginning.  Real change will take all of us moving forward to shape our future and guide our leaders.  

Are you ready to do what you can with a real commitment to positive change