Barack Obama, The Great Listener

I was listening to the radio on my drive home from work and someone was talking about Barack Obama and his ability to communicate with the people.  The person said Obama won’t be called the Great Communicator because that was Reagan’s title (falsely I must add).  He suggested Obama might be called the Great Listener.  

What a wonderful name in a time where we have to listen to each other.  Where leadership has to listen to the needs of the people not just cater to those with money to influence.  Where Congress has to listen to what is best for the nation not the corporate state.  Where religions need to listen to each other.  Where nations need to listen to each other.  Together we can solve any problems including terrorism if we really listen.  

The Great Listener is what our President should be and Barack Obama has the qualities to make a very positive difference.  Good listening takes an open mind, an ego in check, real compassion for the struggle of others, being present to what people are saying, and a willingness to engage in a dialog in pursuit of ways to work together and come up with solutions.   

People that are sure they know what is best for the people usually have no idea.  To often leadership is doing what they think is for the good of the people but in fact more for their own good.  A good listener pays attention to what matters to people.  A good listener is able to be of service to others in times of need.  This is a time of need and listening will bring positive change to the nation.  

Have an enjoyable weekend and take some time to listen to the people around you.  They will be very appreciative.