Mindfully Possible In Each Of Us

Nightly news is scary because it seems that all the fears are real but they are not.  There is really nothing to fear but ourselves, our egos, our closed minds, our contracted hearts, our greed and our need for power and those are just faulty thoughts.  In other words if we are truly mindful of our thoughts and our heart we have nothing to fear.  

Yes there are people out there who have little if any mindfulness and inevitably they will trip themselves up.   Yes our government needs fixing but mindful leadership combined with a mindful nation can transform this mess into something that will be much better.  Mindful people get involved because they know they are needed.  Mindful people have the wisdom and compassion to make the decisions we need to make and take the necessary actions to change course and steer us in the right direction.  

10 qualities of Mindfulness in leadership and citizens

•    Have the humility to see beyond one’s own agenda
•    Able to see the bigger picture
•    Have an open heart and knows how to be joyous
•    Have a mind that is flexible and expansive
•    Thinks and plans for future generations
•    Cares about those who struggle
•    Able to listen and hear the real concerns
•    Gives for the sake of giving and making a difference
•    Is passionate about being a positive force for change
•    Able to be creative in ideas and solutions

Today let’s all sit down for a few minutes of quiet contemplation.  In those quiet moments there is true wisdom and inspiration that comes from within and our connection to the Source of all creation.  

Take a little time right now to explore this method:
     Listen to the stream of breath as it flows through this living being called you.  In each breath allow inspiration to fill you so that every particle of your being is full of the light of potential and possibility.  Awaken to all that is you in your highest and fullest expression.  On the breath out, share that inspiration with the world.  Imagine all the inspired and awakened women and men sharing their light with the rest of the world.  Imagine ignorance is replaces by a deeper knowing.  Imagine fear is replaced by love.  Imagine struggle being replaced by effortless flow.  Imagine doubt being replaces by the confidence of self-realization.  

That is the kind of world that will bring the change we all know are needed.  Can you imagine this type of world?  If you can, you and I can make it happen.