Blazers, Debate, Compassion for Struggle

Yesterday was an excited day for me.  I have to admit to having a secret passion, which my wife knows about so it is not totally secret.  I am a huge of fan of the NBA Portland Trailblazers and last tonight was their first game of the preseason.  My favorite sports team ever is so exciting this year and they won their first game by 29 points.  Sports are rarely if ever my focus here at my blog and it won’t be tonight, but I wanted to share my excitement.

The debate was last night also but I missed it because I was at Tuesday evening Messiah Choir practice.  My wife watched the debate and I caught the CNN after the debate show.  It seemed like almost everyone was in agreement that Obama won and that McCain has to come up with something fast if he is going to have any chance to win.  The post debate polls were not kind to McCain; in almost all of them, about a variety of questions, Obama won.  Obama even won the question about who people think will be a better leader which McCain lead a month or two ago.  Obama seems steady and presidential; McCain seems entitled and just asks people to trust he can do the job.  These are not ordinary times and more than trust is needed for people to vote for who they think can lead our nation out of the mess Bush/Cheney put us in.  

It is hard to believe that some people haven’t decided who to vote for
since it seems really clear that these two men have very different ideas for this country.  Does McCain look healthy to you?  That too me is a very serious questions with Palin waiting in the wings.  

Last night it got into the 30’s here.  Yikes this is where I wish I had other homes like McCain and could go where it is warmer.   Yes it is a bit of a dig on McCain because he has so much more than most people, he really has no idea what it is to struggle economically.  Sure he struggled in captivity but he is no hero when it comes to compassion for the struggles of others.  He is out of touch with how most of us live.  His insurance idea is just plan ridiculous.  He will stay in Iraq in occupation forever, which has always been the GOP plan.  His economic policy is to continue Bush’s direction with deregulation and more and more benefits for the rich like himself.  

Tomorrow, I will return to more about mindfulness and the power of compassion.  Until then, please do more than just vote in the next 4 weeks.  Get involved and make a difference.