Debate Tonight, Less Dirt More Plans?

Does McCain actually have a plan other than mud slinging?  If so why doesn’t he talk about them or is it the more of the same like the Bush administration.  This election is slipping away and all that he really says is Obama is a bad guy and he is a prisoner of war and should be president.  That is not enough to convince anyone that he represents positive change from where this country is now.  The polls are not good for McCain and he seems to think his only chance is smearing his opponent.  That alone should make most people question his ability to have successful plans for our nation’s future.  People everywhere are tired of negative campaigning.  I wonder when politicians will finally wake up to that?

One thought on the condition of our democracy, we must all come together and work to eliminate the forces of greed and power.  As long as the greedy and the power hungry rule our government and our corporations, the world will be a mess.  There are many of us who have strong positive values and they are what is needed.  What values do you think are important in the world we live in today?

Here are values I see as important:
•    Honesty, speaking truthfully
•    Having compassion
•    Listening and communications to work through issues
•    Keeping future generations in mind
•    Considering People and Planet first
•    Influencing others by good ideas not money
•    Treating all people with respect
•    Having open mind and heart
•    Courageous and willing to stand up for what is right
•    Enjoying life and being grateful
•    Be generous to those who truly need help   
•    Being humble and always open to growth
•    Expressing our creativity
•    Doing no harm
•    Living and leading by the highest values
•    Willing to love and forgive

What would you add to this list?  Have a thoughtful day and a compassionate heart.

Personal Note
: My brother Jim and my sister Joan completed a marathon on Sunday.  They walked in the rain and it took about 6 hours and 42 minutes.  That is amazing determination.  I am really proud of their efforts.  Good job you two and lots of love.

My brother is running for Clackamas County Commissioner and he has a very good change of winning.  Our family has always been involved in politics.  My dad was mayor as is my brother now.  So you can see my passion for writing about politics makes sense.