Heart, Mind, Flow and The Election

If you have been reading my blog lately, you see that I have been focused on the election, on the power of the heart and on mindfulness.  I have not forgotten about the importance of flowing downstream as a radically different way of living.  What I have been writing about lately is related to this downstream idea at least in my unique way of seeing the world.  Let me show you my exceptional way of looking at things.

What I mean by exceptional
is no one on the planet is just like me.  That is frankly true for each of us.  My perspective is a combo of progressive politics, human potential, solution oriented, athletic passion, fitness enthusiast, runner, extensive reader, creative painter, writer, songwriter, nature lover, endless questioner, caring and loving partner, life long learner, tai chi and yoga student, meditator, peace activist, sense of humor, speaker/teacher, addiction/recovery counselor, main household cook, recovery Catholic, oldest of 6, spiritually focused with no faith in organized religion, presently living in the now, and a doctor of psychology.  Now do you know anyone who is just like me?  I write in the downstream flow of my life’s experiences.  

Anyway so my viewpoint is not like anyone else.   What makes up your, no one ever on the planet like you, way of seeing things?

This election is about the power the heart and the mind.  Those who are in touch with their hearts and have true compassion are the ones that need to show up in this election to move this country forward.  Those with open minds and are free of limited and fear based beliefs are essential also to the future of our nation and the planet.  Those of free minds and loving hearts can be in the downstream flow of life because they know what is right, true and without limits.

So if your heart is available and your mind is present to the truth that comes through mindfulness, you are on the doorstep of positive change and you will be part of the evolution of this planet.  Let me see if I can restate that more simply.  If you are mindful with an alive heart, you have access to the higher knowing necessary to be in the effortless flow of moving this planet forward.  

Yes it can be effortless if we all tune in where our combined consciousness flows.  Mindful, heartfelt people are the light of the world.  

I hope your Monday is a successful one and that in the moment you sense the flow and light and spread it wherever you go.