In Times Of Uncertainty, Do What Matters

What does matter most to you?  In times of uncertainty like we live in today, this question is even more important to ask.  Is you life really about creating security for you and your family?  If so, how do you do that when things are up in the air?  These kinds of times are really challenging but less so if you have your priorities straight.   

If you look into the lives of the poorest in other nations, you will find that many seem to have found an abundance of love and joy. Maybe it is because they have their priorities straight?  

If you want love in your life
, do you love yourself, is your heart open to giving and receiving love?  Do you have compassion for struggles of those in your life?

If it is joy that you want, how do you go about having that in your life?  Can you be joyous no matter what the outer circumstances are?  

If you want peace of mind
, is that dependent on what is going on in your life or is inner peace an inside game?  Can you be peaceful inside if you mind is focused on what you don’t have?

If freedom is your goal
, can you have it with lots of possessions (home, car, playthings etc.) or without financial security?  Is freedom dependent on an open mind and heart?

Is your spirit limited in any way right now in your life?  Is your spirit free to love without conditions, can the Higher You be happy no matter what?

These are all important questions and they need to be asked.  Take your time to figure out what is most important to you but in the mean time: you can still be happy, you can still love lots, you can still feel free in the moment, and if you align with your spirit you can really soar.   Whatever you do to connect to your higher self, your spirit, your heart, do so today.  Tomorrow never comes so today is the best way to get to where you want to go.  

Have a good week and be open to your intuitive guidance that is available right now to show you the way.