A Balanced Life

These times we live in can bring out the best in us.  Never in human history has the opportunities been greater for us to realize our potential no matter what it is.  We have unlimited options, information and resources available to make what we want happen.  The full expression of who we are is best realized by attending to all aspects of our life.  This attention to all aspects is called living a balanced life.  Here are the six aspect of a balanced life and practices for growth:

1.    Mental – Our minds shape our experience of life.  How we think about things, how we talk to ourselves, cause us to be either satisfied with our lives or disappointed.  A healthy mind is one that is aware, thoughtful and open.  The practice of mindfulness is a powerful way to assure a positive mental state.
2.    Physical – Our bodies are an important part of the quality of life we live.  A well body eats healthy food, stays fit and gets enough rest.  The body is the place of feelings, of action, of health and energy.  Illness can come from being out of balance.  The practice of walking in nature is great for the body and if you slow the walk down, at times, it becomes a calming meditation.
3.    Emotional – We are emotional beings, we feel in response to our thoughts and environment.  Emotions are energy moving through our bodies, neither good nor bad but simply us in relationship with the world around us.  Our heart is our feeling center.  Loving is a wonderful practice of opening our heart and feeling our aliveness.
4.    Social – Humans are social animals that thrive on interactions.  We live longer and are happier in supportive relationships.   We belong to social groups, churches, organizations, and volunteer our time to be with others.  We greatly value friendships and count on them to center our lives.  The practice of getting together to share a meal and conversation is been around for a long time because it is so satisfying.
5.    Financial – We go to work to make money; to provide for ourselves and our family.  Working for others is often more secure.  Working for ourselves can be challenging and rewarding and has greater potential for financial freedom.  A financial practice encouraged by most every expert is to put at least 10% of your income into savings and investments and over the long run you can create financial security.
6.    Spiritual- Each of us has a spirit/soul that is the life force that was here before we came into this body and will be there after we pass on.  This spirit is not member of any religion but in union with the Source of all of creation.  Nurturing your spirit is the practice of listening to the quiet wisdom within and being guided by your higher self.  

If each as these six aspects of our life is cared for and grown, we will feel our life is in balance.  The suggested practices for the different aspects are only one of many to explore.  The value of the practices is that they expand the possibilities within us and serve as a reminder about the importance of living in balance.  A balanced life is truly one of joy and freedom.  

This article will be part of an October writing project on creating balance in our lives at Createablance.com