Debates Over, Hopefully Evolution In Process

Yes the debates are over and there are only 19 days left until the election.  McCain is facing a huge uphill battle.  He is a fighter and has come back before but the odds are good that the disastrous Republican administration will finally be out of office and a new era can begin.  Again, as in Reagan’s time, Bush the supposed conservative has left us with a huge debt.  Unregulated capitalism does not work that is clear, yet McCain proposes more unregulated capitalism as our way out of trouble.  There is a clear choice in this maybe most important election ever in our history.  Obama is the candidate for real change.

I have already voted and I suggest you do as soon as possible.  There will be problems at some polls because there is always an effort to suppress voters.  If there is a voter machine ask for a paper ballot.  Voting machines can be tapped into, that has been proven without a doubt.  This election needs to be a clear victory or there will be a Republican manipulation of the results as there has been as far as I can tell in my research of the last two presidential elections.  Voter fraud is not the issue it is suppression and the manipulation of the voter machines.

Now to another topic,
I hope you found my last two blogs of interest to you.  I usually write what I intuitive feel like writing. The last two days were different and I wrote as part of a project and to promote Blog Action Day.  Both were good reasons to focus my writing.   Today I want to share a few thoughts that seem important.  

All this drama about the elections and economy is just the outside of the inner turmoil many of us feel.
  This turmoil is about change at a very deep level.  Am I wrong or do you also feel stirred up, restless and sensing something bigger is in the air.  That bigger as far as I can sense is the movement inside, the expansion of consciousness going on, the further realization of the human potential.  This is human evolution in motion.  

My hope is that this human evolution shifts us from the ego as power and greed as the driving force and replaces it once and for all by the higher motives of compassion and connection to each other.  I hope that we as human being will come together and seek solutions rather than continuing to fight.  There is much we all share in hopes and dreams that can be collectively moved forward if we work together instead of being at odds with each other.

What are your hopes?  What do you see as the next evolutionary step for humans to take?  Please share your ideas and have a good rest of the week.