Should It Be Government Versus The People?

My sister’s surgery went well yesterday and I am hoping to talk to her today.  She is in a hospital in Bend, Oregon and I am here in Boulder, Colorado.  Living away from family sometimes is very difficult.  I sent her lots of love and healing energy and she knows I did.  I don’t feel that distant gets in the way of sending love, do you?

I have mixed feelings as this election nears.  I love to follow what is going on but I get anxious that something will happen that will cause the election to be in some way manipulated.  There is much being done to limit the number of voters who might vote for Obama.  You won’t hear about these acts of sabotage of democracy on the major networks but if you go on the Web there is a lot going on to keep a watchful eye.   This to me is the sadness of the pursuit of power.  People will do whatever it takes even if it compromises their values.   Humans too often rationalize what they know inside is not right.  That is the ego running the show not the heart.  

The whole adversarial role of a political party bad mouthing, spreading lies, saying American don’t like America because the question what is going on is so divisive.  We are all people who care about our country.  I feel those that question what is going on show an even greater caring.  There is much to be questioned as I have covered in past blogs.

Today our government spies on us like we are the enemy
.  Some try to suppress our votes like we are the problem.   They pass laws that limit individual freedom and let corporations go unchecked and unregulated.  This is all wrong.  

People are the force of this democracy not the danger.  Those in power seem to no longer look after the people and instead bail out the rich, the CEO’s who mess up their companies, and the banks and the predatory lending.  The wealthiest 20% own 90% of the stocks.  So who is really getting bailed out?  

This government is by the people and for the people.  Whoever is elected, they have to lead us to the place where we the people take back our power.  The government against the ordinary people of this nation is no longer acceptable.   The tending to the interest of the people is what we have government for, not to control us by fear and other tactics.  

If you dislike politics, it is easy to see why.  It is however time for everyone to find some common ground and demand that our government work with us to provide: health care for all, the best education possible, and the return to the American dream of freedom, peace and endless possibilities.