Right Thought, Right Heart, Right Action

As I often do, I write my first draft of my blog the night before and sometimes it can be late. The interesting thing is that many times I don’t know what I am going to write about until I sit down and start letting my fingers go to work. That is the same tonight and even in this moment I am unsure what will inspire me. So I take my time to let inspiration rise up in me, a mindful pause.

When I began this month, I called it Follow Your Wisdom month. Today I want to share some further insights about how to best do that.

My insights include the importance of paying close attention to what I know inside is right thought, right heart and right action. Right thought is positive, solution oriented, present focused and open to learning as I go. This kind of thinking is focused on the results I want not on the problems, it is looking forward not blaming or fault finding. This kind of thinking is hopeful and filled with energy and a passion for my ideas and the results I want to create. There is clear intention in my mind that is ever expanding in its search for truth and what is possible. Anything less than right thought will be a barrier to my fullest expression

Right heart is not a concept that drives the marketplace in out nation. Profit is king and values seem more to be rhetoric. Right heart is living according to your highest values. Right heart means all people, living things, future generations and planet are part of your consideration. Right heart means compassion is part of every decision, part of all relationships. Right heart is so needed today as a guiding principle if we are to alter the course of our nation from the greed and power so dominate in our society. We have all seen the destructive results of heartlessness and the lost of higher values.

Right action is being in the moment, awake and aware, and doing what is responsible even when difficult. Right action is being driven by real values and acting accordingly. Right action is thoughtfully guided and heart-fully inspired. Right action feels good in the body because there is no conflict or contraction. We have all seen action that is not right including: polluting our air and water, war making, profit at all cost, dishonesty in business and politics and so much more. Right action is needed today in our government to move from the cult of influence to the ways that are best for everyone and future generations. Daily right action inspires us through such acts as kindness, consideration, caring, thoughtfulness, and the spreading of joy.

When we do what we know inside is right, we will all be so much better off. Be cautious because the ego mind can rationalize what in our heart we know is not right. Have an inspired Wednesday and be present to the positive potential this day presents.