Desmond Tutu Reminds Us Of Our Greatness

Last night Desmond Tutu was the guest speaker for Insight Speaker series. He is a man who has had such a positive influence over so many who believe in justice. He shared some stories and had the audience appreciating who he was and the history making that flowed from him. The ideas from his talk that had the greatest impact were his reminders that each of us in unique and that we have greatness in us.

Have you forgotten about the greatness lingering in you? Do you know that every person has the powerful possibilities that Bishop Tutu has realized in his life? What keeps you from living your truth, fighting for justice, standing up for what you know is right, making a difference in the world or whatever it is that you know you want to do?

This talk reminds me of what I am capable of and invites me to ask questions about what I am doing, or not doing, or not doing enough of, or whatever insights I can gain. We are here to be so much more than most of us have yet realized.

Who inspires you by their lives and the stands they take, the differences they make?

Desmond Tutu is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and that to me is very inspirational. After the talk I got to shake his hand and he signed three of our peace t-shirts which we will use for fundraising in the future for our peace organization Peace Together. It is my hope and desire that I will live a life in which I would be deserving of such an honor. This kind of life would mean that I chose to be and live my highest and noblest expression.

People have within them an intuitiveness genius waiting to guide them toward their greatness. The secret is to listen inward and allow yourself to be guided every day towards the amazing life that is patiently waiting for expression in you.