The Most Important Time In History

When I got home from work last night my wife said Jean Houston is in town and she is giving a talk. We met at a 10-Day Social Artistry led by Jean Houston in 2004. We were excited to see her again and to be inspired by one of the most interesting speakers/storytellers we have ever heard. Her life story is amazing and a true inspiration. She is a psychologist/philosopher who has written and published 26 books, trained leaders all over the world through the UN and has been the advisor to Presidents and First Ladies. If you ever get an opportunity to hear her speak do so because you be forever expanded in your thinking and your heart.

Jean says we are in an incredible time of transformation and that we are all part of making that happen. Each of us has our special gifts to offer the world and that is why we were born into what she calls, The Most Important Time In History. Others have claimed that too but she says without a doubt this is a time unlike any other. What is it you are to do as part of this transformation?

Like the night before with Desmond Tutu, I was again inspired to be all that I am here to be. Intuitively you too know you are to be more than you have expressed in your life so far. Can you hear The Call inside? I often write at this blog to encourage you and I to hear The Call and live it with all the passion we have inside.

Jean talked of a Culture of Kindness that could be our destiny. This time of the heart leaves the dominance of the ego behind. All of these are familiar themes if you read my blog. Jean has been one of the sources of much of my inspiration.

I invite you to take some time this weekend to make contact with that special assignment you have as part of the positive movement forward by all on the planet. This is not a mission impossible but something that is more inevitable if we all come together in full consciousness. This purpose is why you are here and the time is near to step full stride into the aliveness and intention you are here to live.

My thought is that Barack Obama may be the leader we need to partner with us in this transformation. He seems like the choice for president we can work with and together we can grow into the potential for our next evolutionary step. That is my hope anyway, what is yours?

TGIF and have a good weekend.