We Need People Not Sheeple In This Election

Today I am going to work for the Obama campaign and make calls to voters who are possibly still deciding. In the last presidential election I went door to door and stood on street corners raising money for the Democratic Campaign. Later that summer, I went door to door for my brother who was running for county commissioner. My family has been active in politics since I was a kid. My dad was mayor for 2 years, my brother is now mayor of the town in Oregon where we grew up. I believe in the political process and in being involved.

This election is getting scary with all the nutty people making all the crazy statements and trying to scare the daylights out of people. Fear has always been used to control and manipulate people. That is unacceptable as far as I am concerned. If you look behind the statements of all those who spread fear is the idea that they want to manipulate voters and affect the outcome. Is it because they don’t believe strongly enough in what they stand for so they try to scare people or is lust for power at any cost?

McCain is supposed to be the fighter that will keep us safe. Safe from the bad guys out there in the world I guess. How come Republicans seem to always have bad guys we need to protect ourselves from? Is fear part of that bigger strategy?

The Religious Right is trying to make us feel afraid of the Obama, who is a Christian who actually acts like one, instead of those who claim to be Christians who are full of judgment, condemnation and self-righteousness. Are they not living according to their higher values in using fear to influence voters?

Really to me, the ones we need to be most concerned about are the one that spread the fear. Their intentions are run by the ego’s desire for power. I would argue that we should in fact stop fearing and instead start thinking about how we want to repair this nation back to one of strength. We need governments to be healthy and active to regulate business, to provide essential services, to repair the infrastructure, to look out for the less fortunate, to remake the tax structure so it is truly fair and much more.

This is the time for all of us to work for a better America. The attacks that are most dangerous are the ones from within designed to control people and turn them into sheeple and who just fall into line.

We don’t need sheeple we need people who have compassion, who are willing to question, be courageous, think outside the box and get involved. Are you up to the task?