More Than 100,000 People Have Hope

I just returned from Denver where there were over 100,000 people who came out to support Barack Obama’s run for President of the United States. People are ready for change. Peaceful and friendly people who were so anxious for this country to head in a different direction surrounded me.

The air was electric with excitement as everyone cheered Obama words about a better America where people mattered, where health care for all was necessary, where jobs and a better financial health for the nation were all things he was going to make happen as president.

This was democracy in action
. This was people of all colors, points of view, and financial statuses coming together with the hope that new leadership can make a difference.

The disappearance of the middle class caused by rampant profits for the rich and the unregulated corporations must change. The trickle down economics of Reagan and Bush are not working, never have, nor ever will. Instead of that we need the profits of US companies be shared by everyone and it all makes our country richer. There is no need for hunger, homelessness, the lack of health care, poor educational opportunities in a nation as rich as ours. Taxes are to support the good health of the nation and the wealthy must pay their share.

There are only 9 days until we head this country back towards greatness. That greatness as I have written this week is in all of us. Obama challenges everyone to get involved and frankly without that, Obama will not be able to make all the changes necessary. We are all needed. Make sure you vote early if you can. We cannot let this election slip from our fingers in such a critical time. We must return to government by the people and for the good of all citizens.

You do matter; make sure you show up. Peace and Prosperity for all.