Mountain Lion In The Shadows or Fear Clutching The Mind

As the sun disappeared behind the mountains, I found myself running a trail up high through a forest hoping I wasn’t a mountain lions last opportunity for dinner. There were no other hikers or runners that I could see as dusk slipped over the day. It is funny how the mind works. Dusk is a time that I have always heard, when animals are out searching for a meal. An image flashed through my mind of a lion jumping on my back and taking me down. My next thought was if I let this image continue, I would soon be in full panic mode trying to get to a safer part of the trail where it is much more in the open.

If you feed a thought it will grow. The more you concentrate on the fear, the more afraid you become. That is why there is so much negative campaigning. Even if the idea is false, if it is stated enough, it seems real. A recent assessment of the McCain campaign show 100% of their TV ads were negative trying to generate fear in people. The strategy is the more fear they can generate, the more people will vote for McCain. That works on people who don’t question the sources; who don’t seek to find the truth.

Fear begins as a thought and grows the more you focus on what you think you should be afraid of until the object of your fear seems totally real. So the question is how do we deal with fear. The following are several ways to take back your life from fear:

Instead of thinking about what you are afraid of think of somebody or something you love. Fear and love cannot co-exist inside of you at the same time.
• Change your thinking and instead of feeding the fear switch to making plans for having success in your life.
• When you feel fear, step forward into it and don’t let it hold you back. Every great act is accompanied by fear.
• If you intuition has a read blinking light going off in your mind, pay attention and proceed with caution.
• Thoughts are not real, they are only thoughts. If your thought creates fear inside, change your thoughts.
• Finding your courage is a great fear fighter. A courageous person can take on anything.

As we move forward as a nation shifting focus and empowering the people, we must leave fear behind and instead follow the ways of a courageous heart. Big hearts are needed on the road ahead.

Note: I am excited because I just past 600 blog posts. That is amazing and I am deeply grateful for the intuitive and creative forces that flow so richly through me. Thank you Thank you Thank you. If you let the light shine through you, it will do so brightly. Peace, Joy and Love to you today and every day.