A Better World Together

There is so much going on in the news these days that it is hard to sort out what matters most for the future of our country. There is the presidential election and the nastiness, which will make a unified effort to fix our nation difficult. There are the financial problems, which are far from resolved. There is a Congress that has sat by and did not represent the needs of the people as if they were in the pockets of corporations. There is government that failed to regulate what needs to be regulated for the good of all. Greed and the pursuit of power seem to be totally running the show.

It seems to be that all of these issues are important and we the people need a shift towards the realization of the importance consciousness, compassion and connection. These three C’s offer a positive and powerful framework for creating a better world.

A world run by expanded consciousness is resourceful in creating solutions. Consciousness means that people are aware of the issues and see the full scope of options while considering what will have the most impact for the good of the majority of people. Shortsighted, limited thinking based on false beliefs have gotten us into a number of messes. Conscious leaders and citizens see what is going on, ask the necessary question, create solutions, and act for the greater good.

When compassion is present the ego shrinks to a minor role. Leader guided by compassion consider all that needs to be taken into account. Citizens with open hearts are passionate about what they do. Government with compassion educate their people, provide health care, protects us from those who would take advantage, and tends to the needs of the less fortune. A compassionate world is a healthy place to live where differences are appreciated.

We are all connected on this small planet in a giant universe. How we care for each other makes a huge difference. We humans have many points of view and beliefs that often seem in conflict. Yet underneath these ideas are some very common shared interests. Every human being wants a better life, wants food and a home for themselves and their families, wants to have a safe place to live and work, and wants to have hopes and dreams for themselves and those they care about. Realizing our connection means doing no harm to each other and hopefully enhancing each other’s lives. People aware of our connection to each other consider that in their actions and also know the importance of caring for the planet.

Can you imagine such a world? I hope you can so together we can make it happen.