The Birth Of A Guidebook For These Uncertain Times

Uncertainty seems to be everywhere. How do we live a good life when things are so up in the air? How do we make sense out of things that seem so unclear? How do we feel OK when things don’t seem all right? These and many other questions are going on inside, in our families, in our communities, across our nation and around the world because we are in the midst of a major shift, an evolutionary leap. Unrest in human history indicates change is in their air.

There are a number of indicators that support that there is a shift taking place.
Look at all the people showing up at the Presidential rallies especially at the ones in support of Obama
• Look at all the early voters
• Look at the chaos in the stock market
• Listen to conversation around your work
• Look at all the job uncertainty
• Look at all the financial instability
• Look at Congress asleep at the wheel in keeping the administration accountable
• Listen to the quiet stirring inside of you and those you love
• Look at the outrageousness of greed and power so much so that something has to be done
• Look at all those who still just follow like sheep
• Look at those who now question what is going on
• Feel the disruption inside from such worry and hurry
• Feel the dissatisfaction within and around you
• Notice the insane profits benefiting the insanely rich
• Look at the majority who struggle
• Sense the true injustice of the most tax breaks for those with the most
• Look up the facts about the shrinking of the middle class
• Listen to the grumbling of those who fear change
• Listen to the experts who can only guess what to go
• Pay attention to the Ice Cap shrinking away
• Read about the retired loosing everything due to health care costs
• Pay attention to the extinction of species
• Look outside and see the houses in your neighborhood go up for sale
• Pay attention to the powerful influence of corporations over those in power
• Pay attention to all the domestic spying, government watching, and the crack down on people in opposition to those in power

All of these points indicate we are near a boiling over point where all that is given will come into question as people rise up for change. Can you feel the temperature staggering upwords? This is the cosmic soup of the human species rising up and ready to pour forward into the next step in our evolution. Chaos even though it can feel unsettling will bring about positive change.

My question is how do we sort through all that is going on and still have a life of meaning, health, joy and love. I have some ideas and I will write a book about: how to deal with this uncertainly. I welcome your questions and ideas and will note them in my book. Over the next 30 days or so I will put this book together as a resource for yourself and those you want to share these ideas with. The goal is to have the book as the New Year comes near.

In 1972 after graduating from college, I began a journey of awareness exploring the human potential and what makes us human beings successful, happy, loving and at peace with ourselves and our world. I will take my study of human life as a counselor, teacher, consultant, and researcher and put together this handbook, which I am confident you will find useful.

As I stated above please share your questions and ideas and I will use them and acknowledge you for the contributions.

Happy Halloween