Ego-Warrior Vs Heart-Motivator

Something I read yesterday got my attention; it reported that 1 out of 7 people said they could still be persuaded about who to vote for President. I was shocked since to me there is such a clear difference between McCain and Obama. Here to me is what the differences are:

John McCain is an ego driven warrior. He is motivated by his ego to dominate, to lead because he thinks it is his right. His way of dealing with conflict will be to threaten, to swing a big stick, to generate fear in the people so they will follow. He dislikes being questioned because he thinks he knows what is best for America and we should just follow along. People who live in fear would like such a leader. Someone self-assured and who thinks he is powerful enough to push anyone around will make those who are scared feel protected.

Senator McCain ego-warrior lineage can be traced back through time as the primary model for leadership. The weakness of this model is that it no longer works in a world that is both so explosive and yet more closely connected than ever before. President Bush fits this ego-driven model and because of his nonsense, we are in a big mess. The ego-warrior is also the mentality of many who lead our corporations. They are driven by the need for power and the call of greed, that is the way of the ego. This type leader dislikes regulation and has a endless hunger for control.

If this type leadership is allowed to continue to dominate in the 21st Century there are some clear consequences. One clear consequence most likely will be that the planet we live on will begin to self-regulate to offset our pollution according to the almost all the scientist that matter. This may make Earth uninhabitable to us. Another clear consequence is that we will end up killing ourselves off with all the weapons of mass destruction the ego-warriors have created. Sorry this sounds so dour but when the ego wins out in humanity it can only mean our continued reckless decline. History points our humanity has almost continually been at war and now days a major war will pt and end to us all.

We need to evolve past this ego driven world and it is so needed now. The ego-warrior way can no longer be tolerated if we expect to survive. The financial crisis we are in today is because the ego has dominated. Capitalism dominated by the ego does in no way self-regulate. That is a myth created by the ego. The money we poured into the mess to fix it will be controlled by the ego-warriors and continue the troubles they have created.

Barack Obama represents the heart-motivator type leader
. Sure he has some ego or he would not have the courage to run for President. He is however a listener, he listens to his heart, he has compassion. He also listens to his family, which expands his heart. As president he will listen to those around him, he will listen to those who challenge him and to those who represent threats to our nation and the rest of the global community. This ability to listen and communicate is the way solutions are found. This kind of leader brings people together for the good of all.

Senator Obama understands that when people suffer, we all suffer. That is the way of the heart and compassion. These forces will bring health care to all, end world hunger and truly bring peace and prosperity for humanity, This kind of leader not driven by power or greed but by the heart will represent an evolutionary leap towards a world that is sane, healthy and more at balance.

A great motivator is essential to coax us all forward to make the leap in evolution. This is important because the ego in all of us will hold back out of fear. Instead we must open our hearts, which will guide us courageously forward. Senator Obama is a great motivator. Look at the crowds that are turning out to hear him. These turnouts show out hope, our realization it is time to move forward as humanity. All these people that come out sense the importance of humanity moving forward even though many would not word it in this way. There is clearly a need for change and the people know it. Barack Obama knows it and he has said he is not running for himself but for all of America. He wants us all to be empowered because he realizes the times ahead will take all of us moving together. That is the guidance of the heart not the ego at work.

There are a number of other arguments to be made about why the heart-motivator is so right at this time in history but for now what seems important is to vote, be counted and change the course of this nation and the planet. We must elect a president that wants the people back in power to take this government from those who are dominated by ego, power and greed. Vote, Please Vote.