1% Improvement For 100 Days Equals 100% Improvement

Today is the day we move our clocks back an hour, doesn’t it seem we just moved them forward recently? This last 6 months have flown by maybe because so much is going on. There is of course the election, which has been dominating the news and thankfully coming to an end. There has also been the challenges and rewards of life: going to work, paying the bills, taking care of the people we love, keeping ourselves healthy, enjoying life in the ways we do, spending more money on the essentials, building a business or other streams of income, taking time with friends, cheering our favorite teams, walking or tending to our pets, maybe even a vacation tossed into the mix. Yes life just keeps on going on.

Now that November is here the upcoming holidays come to mind. Before that whole rush kicks into gear, what is it that you want o focus on to improve the quality of your life. Tony Robbins, self-help teacher, has an idea that really appeals to me. He says that if we make 1% improvement our goal each day then in 100 days we will have 100% improvement. I suggest that you and I choose and area in our lives that we want to improve and that this month, the next month and into the New Year we set a goal to make it better 1% each day.

Here are some areas to consider improving: relationships with those we love, fitness, financial health, being more joyous, living with purpose, being more of an activist for a better world, remembering to be grateful, letting go of the past, shrinking the ego’s need to control, spreading more kindness, listening to others, being creative, taking time for your spirit, live each day with more passion for life, and of course whatever you want to do or be more of can be your goal. For example, you could even combine several desires for improvement like financial health through creative expression, which would be aligned with being more passionate. Imagine 1% improvement each day and when February rolls around you have 100% improvement in a specific area of your life. Does that sound good or what?

Take the next day or so and think about what you are going to improve on. Then by Election Day set a course for enhancing your life. After the inauguration of the new President (hopefully Obama) you will almost be to your 100% improvement. The new president will be gearing up to improve the country, as you will be gearing up to improve your life.

Let me know what area(s) of life you will be working so I can share ideas to assist you. And don’t forget to vote on Tuesday.