Vote For Great Leadership, Together We Can Do Great Things

Tomorrow is election day and this could be one of the most anticipated elections in our contries history.  There will be record number turning out to vote if the huge rallies for Obama are any indication. Voting is essential to demcoracy and we all need to be involved.

Last night on our way home from a dinner with my wife’s family, we talked about feeling disappointed about not being able to converse about politics. Several of her family unfortunately listens to Rush Limbaugh every day and are so sure that they have all the answers that they really have no interest in hearing other points of view. I frankly cannot understand anyone listening to such a stream of misinformation, fear, anger and arrogance.

It is no wonder my in-laws are often worried and depressed. If I listen to Rush, I would be so upset from looking at humanity the way he does. Because they listen to Rush and his intolerance of other ideas they are totally missing out on an opportunity to talk with their children and their families about matters of politics and the world.

Frankly it seems important to be very suspicious of anyone who is absolutely sure they know what is right. Life is an endless journey of learning and growing.  No one has all the answers.

You my readers are encouraged to question my viewpoint because it is only my viewpoint. The scope of what you and I let in expands over the years. We get wiser through life, through listening to new and thoughtful perspectives. 

Are you still learning, are you still opening to seeing things in more expansive ways? Of course you are. If you have an open mind and heart, you realize there is more to be aware of and learn about. Anytime you think you know it all, you are stuck in a closed place. A closed mind makes it hard to be open to love, to be courageous, to have compassion for other points of view, to listen and understand others, and it is not a fun way to be in the world. Opening means stepping past the limiting beliefs and questioning your thoughts at a deeper level. Opening means paying attention to the guidance of your heart and your intuitive wisdom.

I hope you have a good week and that Tuesday night or Wednesday morning you have reason to celebrate because the election went in a positive way for those you supported. I plan to have much to cheer about because the American people are ready for real change and the right leader will make positive things happen. Together with good leadership, there is no limit to how great America can be again.

If you haven’t voted yet please do and be part of the change that will bring healing and greatness to our nation.