Yeah! It Is Election Day

Today I am spending the afternoon at the Obama headquarters encouraging people to get out to vote. Then I will sing with the choir I am in until 9pm and anxiously get home to watch the election results. What are your plans on this historic day?

Wouldn’t it be better if elections were not so negative? Do you think we could change the tone of elections if we insisted that only the truth be told? There is nothing wrong with pointed out how a person voted or other factual information but to make up things or put false slants on the truth would be best eliminated. How could we as citizen change the nature of elections so that they were more positive and based on ideas, plans and policies?

Let’s clean up politics before the next election and make them more thoughtful, informative and easier to be involved in for the good of all.

Last night I was reading through a simple but inspirational book by Cheri Huber a well-respected Zen teacher. It got me thinking about human nature and how we can have more joy in life. Here are some of her thoughts:

“Nothing needs to change.
You don’t have to get better,
You are already better.
If you think you can do better,
Do better.

Nothing real is stopping you.
The only thing stopping you
Is the thought, the belief,
That something is stopping you.

What stops you is inside not outside.”

I appreciate the simplicity of this message. As we look ahead after this election today, take some time in your thoughts and heart to realize that nothing is stopping you from making a difference in the world. You, free of you own limits, can be a very positive force for change. Together, with all the rest of us who have stopped limiting ourselves, we can bring about amazing results.

Be sure to vote and be the power you have inside.

A couple more thoughts from Cheri Huber’s book The Key.

Total love and acceptance is the wisest thing you can do.”

“If you want joy, be joyful, if you want peace, be peaceful.”

“We can choose to let go and be free.”