President Elect Barack Obama

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

"Thank God Almighty, we are free at last." Marin Luther King

The terribly awful presidency of George Bush is finally coming to an end and there is once again hope in our country. I am sure the world breathes a sigh of relief too.

The people of this nation have awakened and snatched back the reigns of government from the ego driven insanity of those run by the lust for power and thirsty greed.

Yes consciousness has spoken and the empowered are now ready to move forward to make a positive difference.

No more unchecked war-mongering and profiteering. Let's be guided instead by the ways of the heart, clear thinking, and the higher values of people who think/feel on their own and have a better dream for America and this gem of a planet we live on.

In this moment, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities that will be made available for constructive and expansive change. I am grateful for all those that turned out to make a difference because you believed enough in the process to get involved and enough in yourself to become to an empowered force for the good of all.

Yes, it is a beautiful day in America and take some time to feel the joy of aliveness and freedom that we all made happen.

PS. My brother Jim was elected County Commissioner for Clackamas County in Oregon yesterday. He is awesome and will do a wonderful job.