Improving Ourselves and The Nation

A couple of days ago I wrote and article about making 1% improvement each day for 100 days. I don’t know about you but I have been distracted by this election and I have not focused on the 1% improvement. I am now ready to do so. Now I can relax after the nation decided to turn itself in the right direction with this election. Hope is in the air again, isn’t it refreshing.

Our nation is a reflection of you and I. If it is all messed up, we need to take an inventory of our commitment to make this a government by the people for the people. The past 8 years seems to indicate that we have neglected our duties and let the politicians do their thing without holding them accountable. It was a mess because we the people got too caught up in our private lives and didn’t participate in the governance of our country.

The 1% plan is a good one for our country too. Let’s say that we improved our system of voting and counting the votes over the next 100 days to insure that the next election goes smoothly. In just over 3 months we would have a greatly improved system that would better assure that our democracy is secure. That would be a good goal of improvement before the next election in 2 years.

A more pressing plan is to improve the economy. Let’s say over the next six months we developed and enacted some new laws, policies and strategies by 1% at a time, day by day until we got the economy going in the right direction. Over these six months there could be 100-150% improvement. Sure these take time but daily effort will bring significant changes.

What do you want to work on in your own life? What area needs some significant increase in quality? My creative expression is important to me and I want to use it to improve my financial health. These combined ideas of creativity and financial well- being seems like an area I can do 1% improvement each day. So that will be my focus. I have three writing project in mind, two of which are partly completed and a new one that seems very timely. Soon you will hear more about these creative expressions and have an opportunity to benefit from their ideas.

My thought is that we can all enrich each other by supporting each other and benefited from the ideas we all have to share.

If you don’t have any areas you wish to work on in your own life then think about something you can improve in your community or in the country. Here are few quick ideas for the community: tutoring, feeding the hungry, help those who can’t get around, and other acts of kindness, which will cause improvement in those you help and improvement in your self-esteem. 1% each time means in 100 times you have a major shift in your life and the quality of the lives you help.

Set a time for you to begin this project of personal advancement. Commit to 100 days and let yourself be amazed at the results.