No More Blame, Yes More Hope

I think it is time to stop blaming. We have a big mess going on and once this administration is gone we just need to focus on coming up with solutions. As I stated yesterday, our country is a reflection of us and “the mess” is not who we are going to be from here on out. Hope won on Tuesday when Obama was elected. Now it is time for the lighter and hopeful side of us all to shine forward.

The economy is in chaos and so are many of our own personal economies. If yours isn’t, you are an excellent money manager. The rest of us and our nation have gone off course financially. We can’t live beyond our resources. On the macro level, we can’t wage a very costly war and give all the tax breaks to the rich and expect thing to work out well for the majority of people. On the micro level, we can’t run up our debt and expect to keep on top of things financially. We need hope and healthy solutions on both levels.

The dependence on oil is very dangerous financially and security wise. We cannot continue at such a compromised level of dependency. Alternatives must be generated and we have the technological know-how, abilities and hope to come up with positive solutions. We also have to keep the health of the planet in mind or nothing else will matter.

America has lost its standing in the world because we have gone to the dark side of war making and ego-driven power. No one likes a bully and that has been the mentality up until hope came to the nation. We are all citizens of the world, let think more expansively on how we can all work together. Together we have an infinite capacity to come up with solutions. When the people of the planet have hope and work together we will eliminate terrorism quickly with inclusive solutions that resolve conflicts.

Healthcare in the U.S. is far behind Europe and it is costing the people in ways that are prohibitive and greedy. We need to create solutions by exploring models of successful universal health care and then make it happen here. We cannot have the elderly going bankrupt as they are now due to health care costs. That is obscene and not acceptable when this country has such wealth and hope again.

Yes we need to mobilize because the corporate forces will be very powerful to keep the status quo as it is.  When corporations awaken to the importance of serving humanity and all the life on the planet than real hope has transformed the planet.

How’s the 1% improvement going? I am working away tonight on of my projects as soon as I finish my first draft of the post for tomorrow. Let the hope in you expand and have an enjoyable weekend.