Consciousness Wins Out Over Fear

Doesn’t it feel good to have this election behind us? I hope you are happy with the results for president. If you are not, you probably are not a reader of my blog since it tends to be progressive and more about consciousness and compassion. If you are a reader and supported McCain/Palin, I hope you find some way to be ok with the results and together we turn our focus toward making our country healthy again. As I have been writing about lately, personal health and the health of our nation seem to me to be very connected. What do you think/feel about the following comparisons?

If our nation is at war, it would seem to make the people restless and aggressive?
• If the infrastructure is being ignored and coming apart, it would seem that our homes and communities my also be in disarray?
• If the nation doesn’t have a priority to provide health care, it would seem the health of the individual would be neglected?
• If the government spies on more and more citizens, it would seem that the people would feel less freedom?
• If we put the world’s highest percentage of people in prison, it would seem that the citizens would fear the controls of government?
• If we have armies and polices forces to protect the nation, it would also seem we need regulate corporations to protect the people?
• If unemployment is rising because of government mismanagement, it would seem that people could fear for their financial future?
• If dysfunctional leadership disrupts the nation’s psyche, it would seem that the emotional health of the people might by upset?
• If our Congress is not providing checks and balances, it would seem that the people would not feel represented in this trying times?
• If the egos of greed and power are running the country, it would seem that the people feel unprotected from powerful forces?
• If our government pushes fear, it would seem the people would distrust government and feel unsettled?

There are a number of other comparisons; do these make sense to you? Reverse of this top down influence is the bottom up influence. The more settled and in balance the people are, the more our government will reflect that. Electing Obama in the midst of chaos seems to me to be the people ignoring their fears and choosing hope. This says to me consciousness won out over ego and fear. What does it say to you?