The Greatness of Potential, Purpose and Passion

It is Sunday morning and I am still feeling the positive vibes of the election results. The Chicago Sun Times has a very nice slideshow with parts of Barack Obama’s speech, check it out here.

Change is coming to America one person at a time. There is in each of us this reserve of potential, purpose and passion that is waiting to be activated. These three p’s are unfortunately mostly untapped in us. Sure most of us a cruising along doing the best we can or at least the best we think we can. The place we fall off is that our thinking, our fears, our programming since childhood has put the brakes on our full realization. Let’s explore some more of what we have stored inside. We need to do so to really feel good about ourselves and our nation is in need of fully charged citizens to resurrect our former greatness.

Let’s start with the idea that you and I have potential in us waiting to be realized. Each of you has unlimited potential. That means that you can be and do just about anything you can imagine. Barack Obama imagined he could become president. How big can you imagine? This unexpressed potential is just waiting for your desire, your ideas, your hopes, your imagination to come alive. What greatness is waiting in you? Take some quiet time today to listen inward and hear your potential calling you. Once you get past the fear of being different and unique there is no holding you back. Stepping into the fullest of your potential will provide you a lifetime of satisfaction and joy.

Yes you do have a purpose. Are you aware of what it is? This purpose is more a knowing in the heart than a figured out collection of thoughts. You have a purpose as powerful as our next President. Can you believe that, if not it is time to stop hanging out in mediocrity and instead pay attention to what is calling for expression in you. You are greatness waiting to happen. There never was or will there ever be on this planet another person who has the same purpose as you do. You are it and if you live your purpose fully every single person and living thing past, present, and future benefits from your expression.

Can you feel the river of passion that flows through you; the stream of well-being that bubbles with energy and aliveness? If you can, let it flow through you life in a way that expands your uniqueness of expression each day. Be alive and full of the joy that comes from being yourself full of passion for what you do as a citizen of the planet. If you don’t know the flow, then it is time to awaken, time to reclaim the heart, to listen to your spirit. There is so much in you that wants to blast off and be who you are here in this life to be. The time is now for you to move to the launch pad and be the rocket of passion you are.
10 . 9 . 8 . 7 . 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Potential, Purpose and Passion will bring Peace, Prosperity and Promise back into your life and the life of our Nation.