What Are You Just A Little Courage Away From Realizing?

Last night I listen to the soft and smooth jazz voice of one of my co-workers who performs at a Pub in Boulder on Sunday evenings. She started singing lessons at age 51 and now a few years later she is singing for the listening pleasure of all who turn out to hear her. She is an inspiration to me because later in life she figured what she was passionate about and worked at it until she was comfortable singing in front of people. That takes courage and determination and makes me wonder what in me wants to be expressed?

What in you wants to sing out
? Where are you just a little courage away from realizing a secret desire of expression? Are you willing to take the next step?

As the week begins, what are you hopeful about, what do you want to accomplish? What area of improvement are you working on for yourself and your life? See the recent blogs about 1% improvement. Imagine if you took up something that both scares and fascinates you. If you practiced or improved that desire for 100 focused days, you could be well on your way to living your dream.

Will what you want to be, take hard work? Maybe or maybe it will come effortlessly. The work may be in selling what you have to offer, or in learning new skills, or in taking the leap necessary to have what you want. I wonder if you can imagine such a wonderful flow that allows you to manifest what you want to express in an easy and relaxed manner.

I keep on thinking of the Abraham/Hicks teaching about flowing downstream. That lesson is still clearly having influence over the way I view how we do life. I was raised with the images of struggle and am now still trying to extricate them from my thought patterns and muscle memory.

Tuesday is a holiday and I get the day off to do as I want to, yeah! The extra day off gives me some more time to complete one of my writing projects. That project is my 1% improvement project and it will be close to 100% improved in a week or two. This writing of my first novel has been an almost effortless adventure. The only struggle has been getting it edited and even that is easy when I have the time. In a week or two the novel will be done and then I can make it available. It is spiritual story that could cause quite a stir.

Have a week that makes you feel good about yourself.