Helping The New Presidency of Barack Obama

President-elect Obama met with President Bush yesterday. It seems the disaster called the 43rd presidency is never going to get over. Thankfully it is only a little over two months before the changing of the guard. My wife suggested we start thinking about how we can help Barack Obama as he begins his presidency?
What thoughts do you have about helping our next president Barack Obama?

The following are some thought about the way you and I can make a difference in this presidency:
1. Let President Obama know what your priorities are. The clearer he is about what is most important to the people, the more able he will be to make what we want to happen.
2. Keep the channel open with the president check out where a new website is just set up to insure a dialogue happens between the people and our new leader.
3. Find out what issues the new president is working on and write your elected representatives in Congress and tell them you want their support in what the President is doing.
4. Talk to people unsure about the new president and share the reasons why you feel he is the right person for the job.
5. Continue to ask question, keep active, learn about the issues that interest you, become an informed voter and act as an advisory citizen.
6. Explore what you hope will change for the better with this new administration and get involved locally with issues that matter to you.
7. Be patient with the process, understand this will all take time, and have compassion for the efforts being made.
8. Don’t give up hope, keep being active and passionate about the issues that are most important to you.
9. What are your ideas?


Think in terms of the first 1000 days to get things going rather than the typical 100 days. There is a huge mess to clean up and it will take time and all of our efforts.

Are you up to this, to partnering with the changes we all know are needed? Great! I knew you had it in you.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King