Insight Into The Middle East

Last night I attend another talk at the Insight Speakers Series in Denver. This excellent talk was by Reza Aslan an expert on the Middle East, Islamism, and how to look at the war on terrorism. He teaches at University Of Southern California and is a Middle East Analyst for CBS. If you have an opportunity to hear him speak you will be a much more informed global citizen. There was much new information and real insight it to the problems and solutions to the war on terrorism.

One point of many points he made that stood out was that religions are playing a larger and larger role in the world. In the 1950’s about 50% of the people were associated with religions. Now 2/3rds align themselves with religions. After the talk I got to ask him some questions. He said the reason he thought there was more identity with religions because as our world becomes more and more globalized, nationalism become less of a way of defining ourselves. I said then this turn to religion is an identity crisis of sorts and he agreed. We agreed that a global world for many may be less comforting and more fearful and that could also lead to more participation in church communities.

My next question involved my own evolution toward being more spiritual and not as interested in religion. He said yes many people are heading that way too and that is reshaping religion. I left feeling very inspired by his ideas and the fact that we are shaping our world by our own evolution of consciousness. This fits with my ideas on my blog yesterday that sense a shift happening and we are all key ingredients. Like each member in a symphony, we must play our parts or the music looses its beauty and what was possible isn’t realized.

Reza Aslan’s next book is due out in the Spring and it is titled, How to Win A Cosmic War. It will be worth reading if it is half as dynamic as he speaks. I thanked him for the light he spreads through his words.

Inspirational ideas are such a blessing to the world. Where do you get your new ideas and inspiration? As we transition toward a bigger and better picture of ourselves and our nation, take time to pursue what lifts you up and turns you on.