Engaged Consciousness In Action

What matters most to you? How will you leave the world a better place? What are you here to do in this lifetime? What have you learning about love? How do you want to be remembered?

These questions seem very relevant in these times of shift and change. The past may represent the life you have lived in preparation for the now of these expansive times. You may have been in life training for being more fully human. You could have been coming into you own as a person rich in possibilities. Maybe all this time has been about gaining confidence or courage to be more of what you feel inside. Speaking of feelings, it could be that you are thawing out from a damaged childhood. Possibly your path of raising consciousness has now got you to the level of insight and compassion where you can really make things happen.

What has been your journey into the present? Have you been in hot pursuit of a more successful life; have you been wandering aimlessly in the desert of inattention; have you been listening, awakening, becoming more aware, surrounding yourself with the toys of life and still the joys of life escapes you; playing lots and now you want more meaning; waking up from the trance your life put you in; or some other journey with the ups and downs of discovery?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see your life as just where it needs to be and that you are ready and willing to now take what you want to do full speed ahead? Is it the waves of consciousness rising, hope growing, and/or new more evolved thinking that is guiding you? Who you have been up to now is not who you will be in the future. Your realization of what is going on inside opens doorways to self-expression yet unexplored.

Take a few minutes now as you read along to notice your breath as you inhale, feel the rising of the chest, and as you exhale, feel the chest as it relaxes. Notice your body where it touches the chair you are sitting on. Catch the inner dialogue as it hurries by. Right now is where all the action is. Feel the nowness of you in your body, you in your feeling sensations, you in your seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting and sensing the moment, you in your thought filled mind, you in your heart and it’s infinite capacity, and you in the you that knows no bounds of time or body or lifetimes. All of you is here and now and yet you often are barely acquainted with the majesty and potential you posses. In this moment all can be unveiled if you want to awaken by being fully conscious.

As I said yesterday, isn’t your time now? If not now, when?