Is Being Rational More Important Than Compassion?

Is being rational more important than compassion? That is the question of the day. Let’s begin with the idea that in Western Philosophy the rational mind is considered the ultimate in knowing. This belief is the source of endless wars and suffering, ego driven power, corporate greed and the Rush Limbaughs of the world. Why, because the rational mind can rationalize anything. The name of God has been used to rationalize the worst of behaviors. People can lie, cheat, steal, spread hate and fear and do so because they can rationalize it in their minds. The rational mind is ego’s tool to attempt to control.

What is missing here? The heart is missing. Without compassion there is no heart in what we do, there are no higher values, there is no consideration for others or the future of the planet. The compassionate mind knows that we are all connected, it knows that if one suffers we all do, it knows that if there is injustice then no person is truly free.

All human suffering comes from the rational minds determination to protect. The contracting protection of the ego drives wars, greed and the need for power. The opposite of this drive is the realization that we are all one. This is a knowing from the heart, from the expanded mind of one who is liberated from the limits of conditioning.

Take some time to explore the following ideas and allow them to set you free:
• We are all one
• There is no limit to our expansive mind
• There is no limit to our ability to be compassionate
• Liberation is not possible without compassion
• Our mind is so much more than memory
• Our heart is so much more than emotions
• There is so much joy to be experienced in this moment
• Hope is a mind free to expand
• Hope is a heart free to express

Enjoy the day and let you heart be the guide.