President Obama Please Consider These New Departments For Our Government

We all agree there is a real need for change in Washington. The system failed us over the last 8 years. The Leadership was horrible and Congress fell asleep at the wheel. I think it is time to reshape how things are done. Here are 10 departments or cabinet positions that would make a difference and advocate for better government:

1. Regulators Department – this department would make sure that corporations, organizations, government all did what was best for the nation. These regulators would be especially important to keep banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, military industrial companies, power companies doing what is best for America not for the CEO’s or the profit margins.
2. Negotiations Department – This department would oversea that all trade deals, all negotiations of services with the government and make sure they are what is best for the people and the nation as a whole. Drugs sales, trade deals, private security forces, Halliburton are great examples of ways we have not kept our budgets realistic and in line for the greater good. No more non-bid contracts for friends of those in power.
3. Peace Department – It is well past time to put the promotion of peace as a top national and world priority. This department would advocate for ways to move troubled situations into peaceful outcomes. Think of the savings of lives and money this department would provide.
4. Values Department – Yes there are higher values this nation needs to live by and they are not necessarily those on the far right. In government and corporations, important values get lost in the pursuit of greed and power. We need clear values to guide our country and a department that holds our nation to higher standards. No more torture, illegal imprisonment, conflicts of interest, dirty campaigns etc.
5. Green Department – this department funds and advocates for new technology, alternative energy sources, less waste, more recycling, and better ideas to make America the world capital for smart innovation that does no harm to the planet.
6. Advocates Department – this department’s purpose is to push for the return to the rule of law in this nation. That means everyone in government and corporations are to act within the laws. The other purpose is to create a better system that would eliminate so many people going to prison. America is becoming the prison nation that does no rehabilitation so the cycles never end. Most people in prison are victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse as children.
7. Creativity Department – This department would be an advocate to turn our schools and our nation into incredible resources of creativity, new ideas, critical thinking, art, music, writing, drama, dance, humor, and so much more of the yet untapped resource of the people of our country.
8. The Nature Department – This is maybe a subset of a well functioning Interior Department and its purpose is to make being in nature part of every child’s life. Inner city children need to fully experience the wonders of nature, the forests, trees, deserts, oceans, grassland, canyons, mountains and so much more. We adults need these experiences too and there could be retreat centers for adult renewal also.
9. Future Generations Department – this department looks into the future and guides the present to make sure that the future will have clean air, water and systems that will provide for our children, their children and more for at least 5-7 generations. Everything we do now must have the future in mind.
10. Department of Compassion – this department’s purpose is to advocate and provide for the less fortunate. There is no need for hunger or homelessness in this rich nation. Those who are hurting need to be helped because they are often very damaged people. A nation that cares for the suffering can be great, if not it can only be a disappointment.

What would you add? Have a pleasant Sunday and take some time to do something fun.