Down With Dogma; Up With Creative Human Expression

As I was finishing writing my blog yesterday a statement came into my mind and I wrote it down, “Creativity nurtures the soul so much more than dogma.” I just finished editing my first novel and it is about our soul and our lives free of the dogma of organized religion. I will share more as soon as the story is in book form and ready to be explored.

Back to the quote, first you know what creativity is and you may experience some or lots of creativity flowing through you. Creativity makes us feel alive and expressive of our potential.

Dogma is teachings or doctrine that is presented by an authority/church and it is to be accepted without question. If you have been the member of any organized religion you have run into dogma. Dogma attempts to close your mind down and negates your heart and intuitive knowing.

Religions are based on dogma, on teachings that supposedly come from some mysterious or higher source and you are expected to just accept what you are told without questioning. This is absurd and doesn’t make any sense. Why would you or anyone just blindly believe what some other human beings are interpreting?

You as a truly spiritual person must ask question to seek the truth. You must find your own answers and create your own relationship with their idea of God, Source, Higher Power or the sacred within.

Creativity is a wonderful doorway to explore and express the spirit in you. Leave the old dogmas and beliefs behind; instead nurture yourself by finding your own way of being in the world.

The dogmas of the past have led to authoritarian rule, to dictatorships, to mass murder in the name of God and other atrocities. Isn’t it time you and the rest of us use our minds and our hearts as we take this country forward. Shouldn’t we question the role religions try to play in our governing?

The free mind and the open heart are true human treasures that can and will make a real positive difference in our Nation and our planet as we together move forward reshaping the world to reflect truth and the innate wonder of humankind.