Are You Ready For Your Bailout?

What has been on your mind lately concerning the financial problems going on nationally? You probably have your own financial concerns. My wife and I were talking about how much food seems to cost lately. We live very modestly; I can’t imagine what it would be like for those who are poor.

The auto industry CEO’s are begging to be helped by the government. They all arrived in their private jets with there tin cups in hand. Is there something wrong with this picture? How about the financial bailout that now looks like no one is regulating those who get the handouts and what they use it for. Is there something wrong with the way this handled?

What seems fair to you? Should we bail out AIG and the financial institutions because they make bad investment? Should we bailout the auto companies because they continue to create monster cars with low mileage when they have the know how to create much greater efficiency? Should the executive teams still be getting huge bonuses and severance packages even though people are being laid off and the companies are being poorly managed?

It seems like the loss of jobs of the auto industry would be huge and awful for our economy. Can’t we regulate what we want them to produce if we are going to help them out? Should we really be bailing out an insurance company (AIG) because it is mismanaged? Should we bailout these financial institutions as they rake consumers over the coals with loaded rates for home loans and high rated for credit cards? How do we help our economy and also help the people? The answers are unclear that is why the questions need to continue.

Let’s talk about our own economies. Are you using your skills and talents to maximize your income? Are you saving and investing? Are you paying down your debt? When we are a mess financially it makes sense that our country is a mess also. If we all work on improving our own lives and those around us; if we work from the bottom up then real change is possible. The election of Barack Obama is an example of working from the bottom up. See what we can accomplish.

The last 8 years have been the biggest redistribution of wealth towards the rich in human history. Now we need to work together to shift that wealth back to the majority of people. We can do that if we all come together in search of positive solutions. President Elect Obama says the real bailout has to happen on Main Street. Are you ready for your bailout?

Take some time to think about how you are going to be part of the solution. Your ideas and actions will make a difference.