Obama Holds The Container, We Are The Force

Last night Bobbi and I went to a Moveon.org action meeting to encourage the progressive change the Obama has promised. People seemed really concerned and driven by fear because his transition team and his new administration contains people who are very wealthy, who are CEO’s, and people from the Clinton administration. Will it be true change or the powerful keeping things as they are? I highly suspect that is up to us.  Instead of fear, people can be feeling gratitude about the possibility and determined to be the forces of change.  Barack Obama is holding the space for change and we are his agents.

Change is a process that tends to take a huge momentum to create significant movement away from the inertia of what is toward the hopes for a new and positive future. The forces of those in power will want to assure their power. That is a given. The forces that financially benefit from the way things have been will apply lots of pressure to keep things the same. All you have to do is look at the auto industry and the oil industry and you can see they are in bed together and those running these companies are very rich. Why would they support change?

It is the people that will bring about change. Our elected officials represent us and they need to know clearly all the time what we want and need. If they do no know, they will do what the forces of money want. That is the nature of this game. No blame here, just a desire to keep people involved now that the election is over. Yes we have a positive change of leadership. No one person, no matter how much he is run by the highest and best values and intention, can bring the necessary change unless we partner with him and Congress.

Here are some 8 quick ideas to get involved today:

1. Join Moveon.org or other progressive organizations and be part of a movement.
2. Start writing, calling, emailing, visiting the offices of your elected officials
3. Find out what issues (War in Iraq, Health Care, Save the Planet, Greening your community, Financial reform, Education, etc) matter most to you and start your own campaign for change
4. Work locally for change and have your community become a positive model of progressive change
5. Recycle, compost, take the bus, buy locally, etc.
6. Stop complaining, ask more questions, don’t settle for less, and get involved with others who also care.
7. Use your creativity to inspire positive action.
8. Never loose hope, be a positive force, be peaceful, find the best in others, keep open to new and wonderful changes that may come in unpredicted ways

As I write often, you at your best is needed now.