Clarity and Peacefulness Are Needed Now

"The major obstacle to resolving our problems in our lives is that we deal with them as though they are something outside of us. The truth is that every problem is an inward manifestation of our state of consciousness. When our consciousness is clear and at peace, the problem disappears." Arnold Patent

I came upon this quote yesterday and it got me thinking about the state of the world and how you and I can make a difference. The most important thing we can do is be more conscious and aware of what is going on inside and around us. I used the word “be” in the previous sentence because higher consciousness is available to us now if we realize that potential within us. In this moment there is a full realization of higher consciousness available to you and I if we open to all that we can know.

Here are some pathways to consciousness worth exploring:
Stop trying to awaken, be awakened, be the consciousness in you today
• Mindful practices like meditation, walking meditation, breathing with awareness
• Live from your heart, have compassion as the way you are with yourself and the world
• Develop your impartiality, your ability to observe with kindness who you are, free of judging
• Slow down and become fully present, explore the silence and the knowing stillness
• Let you higher knowing/intuition guide you in everything you do
• Keep your heart and mind open all the time and see, listen and feel what the world wants to teach you
• Make contact with the spirit or soul within you and be willing to follow the knowing within that extends before and beyond your lifetime

Change starts inside our minds and hearts and spreads outward. These pathways are each powerful and will bring you to the state of consciousness mentioned in the quote, where we are clear and at peace and our problems disappear.

That same clarity and peacefulness is needed as we transform our nation. Let’s be guided by our human consciousness not the fear, ego, greed and power seeking that has to now dominated the planet. This election shows a leap in consciousness, now we must all be as fully conscious as we can be and then so will our leadership.

Be awake today.