You Are A Force For Real Change

Sunday evening is usually filled with mixed emotions. I like my work so I look forward to Monday’s return. I also really like my freedom and having these two days off allows me to make my days what I want them to be. This is a short week coming up and I get four days of freedom. I love to mix having some fun, being productive, getting a workout in, and having some time for contemplation. That to me is a balanced day.

I am completing several writing projects one a novel about spirituality and God, and the other a handbook for the challenging times we live in. The novel is ready to be shaped into book. The handbook will be in e-book form and will bring together a collection of ideas that are very relevant to the challenges we face in these unsure but hopeful days ahead. On my four days off this will be productivity focus.

What projects do you have in mind that you need to do? What creative endeavors can bring you new opportunities and provide new sources of income? In this economic times, it seems more important to be creative, to come up with your own ideas, to be innovative in expanding resources for you and your family. Entrepreneurs thrive in challenging times because they welcome the opportunity to make things happen when they are need.

The next president Barack Obama has the entrepreneur spirit as he puts together a plan to make American strong again. You can feel the urgency in the air. Thoughtful and creative leaders rise to the occasion. This is the kind of times that can bring out the best in people. President-elect Obama seems poised and ready to start cleaning up the huge mess left behind.

What do these times inspire in you? Is your greatness on alert and what are you guided to do. Remember that our thoughts need to be questioned (yesterday’s blog) and with that questioning can come a much clearer and greater knowing.

Are you ready to step past the ego, hear the greater guidance, and live the truth that is yours to realize? I am confident you are because you are here at this time in history and that is not accident. You and your unique set of skills are what is called for when you are on purpose. Make a commitment to yourself that by January 20th you will be inaugurated into your mission and from there you will be the change you want to see in the world.

I’m asking you to believe not in my ability to bring real change to Washington. I’m asking you to believe in yours.Barack Obama