Every Thought Or Belief You Have Should Be Questioned

This idea that our thoughts are not real keeps on coming back to me as if I need to say more and shed some additional light on what this means. So here I go. When I share this idea that none of our thoughts or beliefs are real they are just thoughts, there is usually confusion on the face of those trying to understand. “What do you mean” is the typical question and they seem to want to say; of course my thoughts are real. Well they may seem real because we believe them to be, but in fact they are just simply thoughts.

Let’s explore the ramifications of this new way of looking at the noise that goes on in our heads. I called in noise because it is and we translate that noise into sentences, which we put a value on as if they have meaning. All thoughts we have only have the value we give them. If we believe what we think then we give it value. There are many thoughts going on in our heads at all times and if we believed every one of them we would be in a mess. We however distinguish between thoughts that we think are all right or ok and thoughts we think are not ok. I hate to add to the confusion but those thoughts about our thoughts are just thoughts too.

How does all this relate to you? The point of this discussion is to really stimulate your questioning of what you think. For example, if for any reason you think of yourself as not ok, not loveable, not enough, bad, sinful or some other limiting idea, it is time to change those thoughts because they are made up in your head and simply not real. If they are not real how can they be right or the truth? This questioning is especially true of those beliefs we have learned in our lifetime. All beliefs are simply thoughts of someone else that were past on to you. (This unfortunately brings to mind all the BS that gets spread by those who make up and say ridiculous things and others actually believe them. Think 2008 elections.)

Truth is more than thought; it also involves a deeper knowing that is part of your heart, your gut, your spirit, the higher consciousness you share with other human beings.

Take the time to really question your thoughts and go beyond the limits your thoughts and beliefs set for you. In the 21st Century, you (and I) need to be free of limitations so you can be your fullest and greatest expression.

Your thoughts are not real so become quiet and hear the real truth available to you now and then liberate the world so it can be a place of true joy and boundless compassion.