Find Your Own Truth and Quit Following The Delusions Of Others

Today is the last day of November and we have one month left to get ready for 2009 and our next president. Many people are excited and are again looking forward. Looking forward while doing the best you can in the present makes the most sense. When there is hope and positive direction things look so much better.

There are however, forces that are not happy with the new direction because: their ego’s didn’t get their way; they are living in fear; they are very wealthy and these past years have all been so focused on them; or they call themselves the Christian right and they are neither right nor genuinely Christian in their acts. These groups are uncomfortable not having things their way and not having the power they think they should have.

The big ego’s are the sources of all conflict and wars, they are represented by major energy, agribusiness, drug and other corporations, the military-industrial complex and financial institutions. Control is what they strive for through the accumulation of wealth and power. Influence is the name of the game they play and they play to win at all costs. This segment has no heart and no higher values. Should they be the ones allowed to regulate themselves and run the world?

Those living in fear actually do so because they do not question
what is going on and those in authority. Their spokespersons include Rush Limbaugh, the loud ones at Fox News, Ann Coulter and those in the Bush administration to name a few. They spread fear through hate and misinformation and they are good at it and those who are unable to think on their own buy it. Fear is always used to control the masses. Why do people allow themselves to be influenced by these merchants of fear?

The rich have gotten much richer through the Bush years because they got the tax breaks and now their companies are getting the bailouts. Those in power pay for all the influence they get and it appears to be a good investment. Bush says we can’t afford to give health care to needy children but we can afford to bailout AIG, a mega insurance company, that has been mismanaged. Does that sound right to you?

Those who claim to be religious and right seem to be driven by the arrogance of their leadership and the sheeple follow blindly. Since the election they claim the country is center-right and Obama must govern that way. They hate to imagine that people are not paying attention to them and doing what they say. They claim to hold the moral values but in fact live by strange beliefs that take the power away from people and put in the hands of a male dominated mega churches. Their claim of the right to political power should be ignored, as should their demonizing of those who think differently. They are the ones that claim God wants them to go to war and kill, hate, judge etc others in God’s name. That is such rationalizing bull. Are you a blind follower or is your heart and mind functioning, as it should?

Sorry for the mini-rant but frankly, I get tired of the nonsense those that claim power put out and wonder why more of my fellow humans are not outraged by all that has been going on for way too long. We all need to wake up and question what the heck is going on and demand that the change be for the good of all and the planet starting now.

Have a thoughtful, loving and peaceful week ahead.