Healthy Guidelines For December’s Holiday Season

December 1st has arrived and are you looking forward to the coming holidays or not too excited? Holidays can be packed with old memories some of which are those you might like to forget. My holiday memories are positive but there are many who have suffered through traumatic experiences. There are some things to keep in mind as the Holiday Season draws near.

The follow ideas will help you take good care of yourself into the New Year:
Pay attention to your emotions. When things get busy and frustrating your emotions can become out of control if you are not attuned to what is going on inside. Take a break when you need to rebalance your emotions, go for a walk, move to a quiet place, stop by a church or other contemplative place and enjoy some time for mindfulness.
Listen to your body. Eat well and get the exercise you need. A healthy diet and exercise will counter the rich foods at social gathering and release the stress you have built up in the hurry and worry of your life.
Keep your heart open. There is this heart in you made to run your body and to be the source of love in your life. Loving yourself and those around you makes the holidays richer and more enjoyable. Give gifts from love, visit others as acts of giving. Let you heart light up your world like the lights light up the trees.
Make this holiday about having fun and enjoying life. Things have become way too serious and it is time to lighten up. Let go of the past and any ideas that are holding you back from having a great life. You are so much more than you may ever realize so have fun along the way.
Take control of your thoughts. Stop the nonsense of self-talk that isn’t supportive. Instead think good, kind, encouraging and positive thoughts about you and everybody and every situation. Question your thoughts and listen to the deeper knowing that is beyond your thinking. Be wise and let the mind be at peace.
Nurture your spirit. There is in you this life force that know no limits, that has infinite wisdom, and is just waiting for you to further explore your potential and your higher purpose. Quiet down, tune in and hear the inner wisdom that wants to direct you to be an amazing human being. Let your spirit soar.

I hope you find these guidelines helpful. If you do, print this blog and put it somewhere to remind you. Remember humans tend to be about as happy as they choose to be. Choose joy and kindness as your way in the world.