Defrosting Yourself From Life's Trance

Do you ever feel numbed by life? Does if feel like your heart wants to open further? Have you ever felt totally out of touch with who you are and what your life is about? Is your body less tuned in to what it needs? Have you lost contact with your spirit? Does it seem your thoughts are locked into a closed loop? Are you really ok with who you are these days?

If you are totally ok with yourself, you are doing great in this life. If, like the rest of us, you feel the need to: loose weight, quit complaining and blaming, feel more compassion in your heart, have your life move in a more satisfying ways, or any other self-improvement projects then maybe it is time to consider defrosting all that has gotten lost in you and your life.

As life goes on, too often you can close down. This closing down is part protection driven by fear and part a reaction to all the denying of instincts you may have done. Other reasons for closing yourself off include loss of a loved one, the ways you learned to be as you grew up, living in worry and anxiety about the world, having past traumas (abuse, war veterans, tragedies etc.) that have shut you down, and battling with depression and substance abuse.

Yes you are not alone, life can take its toll on you as you try to make sense of the roller coaster of ups and downs most experience. Growth is a natural by-product of the trial by fire life you have been through. After all that, you may have shut down in some areas, or become guarded. Some of that is natural but not necessary healthy.

What to do now is to bring yourself to reactivate the loss aspects of yourself so that you can be fully alive again.

The ways of self-recovery include the following:
• Acknowledge and feel all you feel and be more aware what is going on in your heart
• Supportive self-talk focused on self-acceptance and being mindful of your thinking.
• Listening to the wisdom of the body and the intuitive knowing
• Hearing the call of your spirit to be more, to live more fully, to express your uniqueness

As I am writing these, I became aware that my points are much the same as the points in my previous blog. Maybe having a better holiday season is the same as defrosting from a live yet fully realized? It could be that these points are universal to improving the quality of your life no matter how or what you do?

What do you think? If your mind, heart, emotions, body and spirit are taken care of will the rest of your life naturally work out in the best way it can? I would suggest the answer is a definite, YES. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment and shed you light on my readers and myself.