Let's All Think Bigger And Head In The Right Direction

As the national security team and the economic team are introduced by President–elect Obama, one gets the feeling that there is a lot of thoughtfulness going on in making these choices during a very critical time in our countries history. Sure the critics will share their points of view and frankly those are just opinions. The so-called experts have to act like experts and the journalist have to act like journalist. The truth behind all these opinions is that we are in a very difficult time and no one knows what are the best answers. Answers that come from an ideological point of view or some out dated philosophy are not what are needed. We need solutions that work for the betterment of our country, the people, and the planet.

It is time to think past nationalism. We are a global economy and what happens in America tends to affect everyone and vice versa. Nationalism is great for “rah rah” and flag waving but in these time it is small thinking to not consider what we are doing beyond our boundaries. We are now more connected to each other all over the planet than ever before. Let's work together to deal with the economy and the problem of those who are fanatical in their beliefs. Together we can come up with real solutions that work to the benefit of the planet and its citizens.

Working together has a natural forum with the UN already in place. To realize the potential of the United Nations we need to see the bigger picture and move away from sense of superiority of the past administration. Instead we need to come together so can we figure out the best ways to turn things in a positive direction. No one wants a world government trying to control everyone but everyone will benefit from a world organization that is focus on solutions, compassionate assistance, and building a better connection between nations and points of view.

Expanded viewpoints with open minds and hearts offer much greater options than the fear based ideas that have dominated this nation's perspective over the last 8 years. It is time to come alive and feel the potential rather than to contract in fear and build more bombs, spy on more people, imprison more citizens, and let capitalism be unregulated in its pursuit of power and greed.

Our nation can return to strength by being an active member of the global community, by moving past the ego dominated sense of superiority and build working partnership with all nations. Hope and a commitment to real change are needed. We are all capable of greatness and to be successful we must focus on the present and the best options for the future. The past and the old ways and viewpoints do not work. We live in the 21st Century and we must think bigger, have greater compassion and plan the best for future generations.

Look in the mirror and realize that you are the one you have been waiting for to make a difference.