Emotional Health For The Holidays

How is your emotional state this Holiday Season? There is so much going on around us, in our country and around the world. How do you keep emotionally balanced? How do you deal with the fear that comes from uncertainty? Do you feel anxious? Are there past memories that cause you to feel sad, hurt, disappointed, angry or other difficult emotions? This time of year and the state of the economy could have you all stirred up and that would be appropriate to all that is confusing and uncertain.

Here are some ideas to tend to your emotional health; to help you keep in balance when there is so much going on that can knock you off center:

• Pay attention to what you are feeling and let those feeling be felt. The more you allow yourself to feel the more those feeling will be experienced and the sooner they will change.
• Feelings come and go on their own. If you acknowledge what you feel soon those feeling will transform into others. If you ignore the feelings they will become tension in your body.
• The center of your emotions is your body. Your body is what feels not your mind. If lots of emotions are making you feel upset; do something physical like go for a walk, do a workout, get a massage, do some yoga or tai chi or whatever you like. Just move some energy.
• Your heart is often seen as your center for love, kindness, compassion, caring, and even joy. Taking care to express your heart will free you to enjoy your life and to enrich the lives of those around you.
• Be aware of the following ways you can stuff your emotions: smoking, eating, drinking, denial, avoidance and more. Stop stuffing yourself, you not a turkey; instead start appreciating you being alive enough to feel so much.
• Make spreading love and joy your task this holiday season. Be cheerful and supportive. Listen with compassion and be encouraging. You will feel good helping others feel better.
• Try expressing important emotions by talking about how you are feeling. If that doesn’t work, keep a journal so you can let go of what needs to be felt and shared. Creative expression can be a great healer for emotions that seem to be hard to discharge. Write and sing songs, do paintings of emotions, and move in ways that free you up and help you release.
• Take time to slow down and tune in. In this time of stimulus overload, quiet time is a great soother of the mind and healer of the heart. Listen, learn, feel, express and free yourself.

Emotional well-being is part of taking good care of yourself. It is as important as keeping fit, as eating a healthy diet, as keeping your mind clear and open, and as nurturing your spirit.

Feel and experience the true freedom of being fully alive.