More Boldness From Democrats, Less Bullying From Republicans

Most of the elected Democrats in Congress lack the courage to be bold. The Republicans in Congress tend to be bullies who insist that things go their way. Where does that lack of courage come from? Where does the inflated ego of a bully come from?

There are important questions because both have cause a lot of problems over the past 8 years. The Dems have sleep walked through the Bush years as if they were too afraid to stand up for anything that mattered. I am a Democrat and I am embarrassed by this lack of courage.

The Republicans have insisted they have their way. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want. It appears that ethics or what is right does not enter their minds. There has been so much conflict of interest and that it now seems normal rather than wrong.

The Democrats try too hard to get the approval of those in power and influence. They seem to have totally forgotten that they were elected to represent the people. They cave into whatever those in power want. They lack courage and do not live by any higher values.

The Republicans listen to Limbaugh and get madder, more closed minded and even more determined to do what is best for those that are rich. They are the party of the rich and they will lie, cheat and do what ever to get and hold power. The only reason they didn’t steal this election (like the last two) is that Obama had such a strong margin of victory that the results could not be manipulated.

The insanity of the war happened and the Dems just stood by; the torture happened and the Dems stood by; the spying on Americans and the loss of legal rights happened and the Dems stood by; the raping of the environment happened and the Dems stood by; the President and VP made a huge grab for more power and the Dems stood by; the deregulation and unaccountability left us a mess and that Dems stood by why their rich friends got richer and more.

The Republicans supported by the supposed moral forces of the Christian Right gave no bid contracts to friends; started a murderous war to get the oil and build bases in the Middle East; oversaw torture and rationalized it; spread discontent and fear to gain power over the people; blocked out Dems from all active participation in legislation in the House of Representatives; ran the FCC with an iron hand against the wishes of the people and for those wanting more control and power.

So what does all this mean? Here are my theories and I welcome yours. First Dems in general are confused about what they stand for because most have lost the connection to their hearts because they spend too much time seeking the approval of others. The Republicans have no need for approval, they are always guided by the needs of power and of greed.

What can we do? We the citizen of this country must be the voice of truth, of a higher knowing, of compassion, of caretaking for the planet, and of future generations. We must stand up to the old ego driven model of power hunger and endless greed. Those forces must always be regulated or we end up like we are now.

The new Democratic Party must have the larger view and govern with boldness for the people.

The new Republican Party must push out the forces that want the status quo and the past to dominate and especially the supposed morality driven by ego, greed and power.

Let’s hope both parties grow up and act like mature conscious people. Let’s end the nasty partisanship that especially the Republicans are good at and please turn off your radios and quit listening to those who spread nothing but hate, anger and fear.

What is your take on the two-party disaster in Congress?