Saturday Cheer and Self-Government Needed

Most of my Christmas shopping is done. This morning was spent running around and it went well. I sent off a package the other day and my sister is the only one left to buy for. Do you love the giving and receiving of Christmas, I sure do. There is no pressure just enjoyment in it for me.

Tonight I have the first of three Boulder Messiah Choir Concert/Sing-alongs. Tomorrow there will be two and that is about 5 hours of singing. Singing is wonderful but that is a long day of singing. The audiences will be large and the music and all of our voices combined makes for a really special event.

Are you in the holiday spirit yet? If not when will you open up to the joy and fun of this season of lights, good eats, family and giving? As I was about today, I noticed there was good cheer in the air.

Yesterday on my blog I let out some frustration with the nature of politics these days. I am sure that I am not the only one frustrated by the mess that has been created. Excuse my political rant but it was in me and needed to come out. There is much that has gone wrong over these past 8 years and it is now time for you and I and every citizen to get involved. We are ultimately responsible and if we don’t participate in governing things will not change.

Obama was elected because he represented change. He cannot do it by himself and he has said he wants very much to partner with the people. That is you, your friends, family, neighbors, community, state etc. Everyone is needed to get involved and turn our country back in the right direction.

Whether it is governing and politics or the holiday season, it is time to open your heart and your mind to making a difference and having some fun along the way. You at your most focused and most cheerful best are needed now.

Have a good Saturday.