Things To Look Forward To In 2009

That was a long but good day with 5 hours of choir singing, soloist, and beautiful symphonic music. The evening ended around 10pm and I went home and went to sleep. It is very nice to sleep after singing because the tunes kind of flow through you and still this morning they are vibrating in my cells. Singing has to be healing because it puts the body into such an alive state.

What is up for you this week? Do you have some or most of the days off? Are you looking forward to seeing people? Are you ready for some play and relax time? This has been quite a year hasn’t it? There is much to be concerned about and much to be grateful for as you and I wind this one down and prepare of 2009. What are you glad to be leaving behind? What are you looking forward to in this next year?

There are many things I am looking forward to and many things I am glad to leave in the past. Today I want to share with you what I am excited about in 2009 but before I do I want to be thankful for: living another year surrounded by good people; making a difference; being loved and loving; having excellent health; and living in a place that nurtures my soul with so many wonderful trails and beautiful nature to hike, bike and run.

Now here is what I look forward to in 2009:
• A new direction through new leadership in this country
• A new priority for this country of going green and taking care of this gem of a planet
• Many people feeling empowered and continuing to participate in governing
• Having a thoughtful and compassionate leader in the White House
• The challenges ahead will bring out the best in people
• A shifting of focus toward regulating commerce away from unchecked greed
• Winding down the war in Iraq
• Having the US again join the world as a partner not the big bully
• The chaos of 2008 transforming into the settling focus and inspired action of 2009
• Cooperation of forces for the good of all and divisive voices ignored
• Health care for all
• More open hearts and compassion for each other and people realizing that we are all connected to each other
• Stopping the torture, closing Guantanamo, returning legal rights etc.
• The return to the rule of law and away from the lawlessness of the past 8 years
• The retirement of Dick Chaney and his disastrous sidekick George
• More awaken to question their thoughts and beliefs and join the fully living
• The continual evolvement of human wisdom and consciousness and we move toward our potential to be positive forces for change

Overall to have hope again.

These are a few of my hopes for 2009. What do you hope for this coming year globally, nationally and locally?

Have a fun week whatever you do.