Time For Distraction, Fun And Renewal

It was a late night in Denver watching a Nuggets vs. Blazer game. If you know what I am talking about you must be a fan. I grew up in Portland and have remained a fan for many years even through the tough times. Now they are headed in the right direction.

Professional sports doesn’t really matter in the greater scheme of things but it sure can be fun and a good distraction in times when things seem so chaotic and uncertain. To be a fan and to enjoy when things are going well is a joy. Celebrating a great game or a great season can feel so uplifting even if it is so temporary.

Life keeps on happening as the sports play on. When I need a break from reading what is going on in the world and feeling upset or outraged at what seems so wrong, I can go to another website and read how my team is doing. Then life seems to become at least more ordered. Like I said a distraction can serve a positive focus away from what can be so unsettling.

How do you get distracted when you need a break from the intensities of life? Maybe it is a good book, music or movies. Maybe a night out or a good massage changes your frame of mind. The best self-care at times may be to do something different, fun or a diversion from the direction what you are doing or what weighs heavy on your mind.

The holiday season can be a welcome distraction from the doing and productivity of life. Yes it can be busy but also full of enjoyment especially if you have fun friends and family. It is a time to relax, eat, share and take it easy. Are your ready to indulge in some self-nurturing and fun? Are you ready for some Christmas cheer? Does the Holiday spirit happen at work?

There are just two days until Christmas and the child in me still feels the rush of anticipation. Does your inner child get excited too? Giving and receiving is the fun part for me and it has been since my earliest memories of Christmas. It is not quite the same now as an adult because my Grandmother is no longer here and there house now is the home of another family. I maybe miss most her cookies and other wonderful desserts she made. That early tradition seems still so fresh in my mind.

I hope you early memories are positive and filled with anticipation. Have fun getting ready because soon the tree will be surrounded with presents and the stocking stuffed with good things. Enjoy the distractions and pleasures of this season. Soon 2009 will be here and there is much to do to head our nation back to health and prosperity. You assistance will be needed, so get charged up fun times and take the time to relax and get in your best state of mind.