Time To Relax, Refresh, Renew, Reenergize, Recharge and Realize

How was your Christmas day? Mine was restful, not counting my long run, and full of good food and being with my wife’s family. Too much good food as a matter of fact and soon I need to up my workouts and reduce the sugar intake. I said soon because this week of Christmas and New Years is full of lots of stuff to eat and enjoy. Many of you have been going through some struggling times so taking time to enjoy, play, have fun, eat well, rest often is needed. It is time for more self-care and taking it easy.

There is plenty of time to get focused on 2009 and the amazingly positive results you are going to create. However not yet because this is a great time to relax, refresh, renew, reenergize, recharge and realize. As we think about gearing up for next year you can use this time: to incubate some new ideas; to explore your intuitive sense of what you want to do; to set up ways to experience the further realization of your potential; and to create strategies to be even more successful in 2009. This is the time when you nurture the seeds of greatness waiting inside of you.

Some ideas for nurturing your seeds of greatness:
• Quiet time during this next week is important, hear the inner messages that want to guide you.
• Tune into the heart and be guided by it’s impulses to love and act with kindness and compassion
• Pay attention to your thoughts and self-talk and make sure they are positive, supportive and encouraging
• Take time for contemplation; do some reading on topics that call you towards new insights
• Be open to opportunities that will uplift you and inspire you, which could include: getting together with others, inspirational movies, stories, being creative etc.
• Go for walks especially in parks and nature and be present to the beauty that surrounds you and is inside of you and those you love
• Take good care of your feeling center which is your body, help it relax and let go of any tension or tightness, express your emotions in healthy ways, stretching is powerful way of releasing
• Be playful, sing, dance, laugh often, listen to some great music and join in, get some funny movies and laugh
• Breathe with awareness, be conscious of yourself and the world around you, tune in and be fully present to each moment.

Over the next few days I will share more about preparing you and your potential for greater expression. Together we will ready ourselves for the opportunities on there way, so that we might be the best possible expression of ourselves.